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Nancy Guevara

Translator & Live Subtitler (Speech-to-Text Interpeter)
Live Captioner/Respeaker/Voice Writer
NAATI Certified Translator
English --> Spanish
Spanish --> English

Qualified professional translator with nearly 20 years experience,
offering high quality translation and live captioning services.

About Me

My passion for languages, communication and cultures has led me to a delightful career in translation and most recently live captioning/subtitling (speech-to-text interpreting). This journey has allowed me to cross paths with some of the most amazing people from different cultural backgrounds and acquire knowledge in a wide range of areas. I absolutely love doing what I do and very much look forward to being able to use my skills and knowledge to achieve the highest quality translations and live captions for you or your clients.

Woman on a Deserted Road

Areas of service

Professional Tanslations

Professional Translations

Spanish to English & English to Spanish

  • NAATI certified translations for immigration, government and education purposes.

  • Specialised translations in Business, Finance, Marketing, Legal, Academic, Research, Technology, Tourism, Health and Education.

  • Editing, proofreading and typesetting.

Headset and Keyboard

Access Services

Accessibility services, particularly for media, arts and culture:

  • Live captioning and subtiling (English and Spanish) - real-time events. 

  • Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard-of Hearing (English and Spanish)

  • EN>ES Audiovisual translation.

  • Preparation and design of Easy-to-Read documents.

  • Audio description.

Contact Details

Location: Australia

Mob: 0415482720

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